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Communication and Presentation Courses

.Do you wish you had more confidence, or do you worry about speaking in front of the class?

Transition / Fifth Year Effective Communication Course:

Derrada Drama offers an Effective Communication Course for Transition and Fifth year students. The course runs for up to 13 weeks and is focussed on improving communication skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. This course can also be used as a qualifying element of the Gaisce (The President Award) Personal Skill for transition years students. The course will start in both September and January each year. Please call Angela on 086 8114338 to enquire further or book a place.

The course aims to develop relaxation and calming exercises; improve vocal skills, public speaking, and presentation skills; how to engage with the audience with confidence and offers an introduction to interview skills. The course is taught via interactive and fun communication games with practical activities. The course will also offer the option of completing an Effective Communication Exam with an accredited examination board. 

Derrada Drama presentation and interview skills were amazing. I am studying in DBS but I was shy about presenting and doing interviews. I learnt how to properly engage with the interviewer and how to really speak from the heart in a confident manner. I succeeded in getting my dream job as an accountant in one of the Big Four accountancy firms.

Emirjeta Doda (DBS)

Adult Public Speaking / Presentation Course:

Do you often feel scared when asked to speak in public to an assembly of people?

Do you shy away, when the boss wants a presentation done?

Derrada Drama provides an adult public speaking and presentation course for adults who are anxious and nervous about public speaking. This practical course will allow you take off that mask of insecurity and create a new confident you, who will engage with the audience and learn to love the sound of your own voice.

We will concentrate on key elements as follows:


  • Controlling the nerves – relaxing and breathing correctly
  • Improving vocal techniques – projection and voice modulation
  • Engaging with the audience- the importance of eye contact
  • Improving body language awareness – the impact it has on the listener
  • Believing in yourself – practicing positive affirmations
  • Improving Public Speaking – managing performance anxiety
  • Perfecting Presentation Skills- learning new skills to present more confidently
  • Creating a new confident self – proud of your own vulnerability and authenticity.

Private Public Speaking / Presentation / Interview skill Course:

Private courses are also offered by Derrada Drama, where an adult might prefer to work on specific communication areas on a one-to-one basis. We provide skills to improve public speaking, presentation and interview skills and can tailor a course specifically to suit your own personal needs. Please call Angela 0868114338 to enquire further or book a place.

I would strongly recommend Derrada Drama for the public speaking and interview preparation skills. After the sessions, I was more confident and more in tune with myself and so my delivery was more fluent. I learnt so much by looking at myself in the mock interview via the camera and reviewing it afterwards. I am currently pursuing a career in costume design and have worked at the Gate Theatre, the Bord Gais Energy Theatre and the Gaiety Theatre. Derrada Drama has really improved my confidence in public speaking and in preparing me for interviews of all kinds.

Rebecca G (Trinity)

Please call Angela 0868114338 to enquire further or book a place.